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Our synthetic palm roofing services

Our technicians are available and qualified to guide you through the choice of artificial palm structures, palm products and accessories that best suit your individual purpose. In order for you to make a sound and informed decision, they will gladly draw up a detailed quote or cost analysis tailored to your very own building project.

Meetings with architects and contractor at the planning stage are also available for tall projects. Once a construction is underway, visit, if required, will be made on site to ensure compliance.

We have developed special vehicles, tools, skills and techniques to achieve the most efficient and economic operation. Our technicians have designed highly sophisticated programs to quickly estimate the roofing material and accessories required by a particular roof concept. These programs allow comparing various options to identify the least expensive solution.

Synthetic palm makes wonders in our hands!

At PALMEX NICARAGUA, we know synthetic palm on the back of our hand for having contributed in many locations to the building of palm roof projects of all kinds and sizes for almost a decade. We can build small to medium wooden structures from the ground up. We use only pine lumber cured by impregnation as a fully trusted material.

techo palma
techo palma

We have transformed ordinary resorts, beach fronts, parks, swimming pool area, backyards and others into small or large dream-like landscapes by adding the most distinctive atmosphere provided by palm roofs.

We have created enchanting palm roof havens where both owners and customers can fully enjoy life, relax and rest, knowing that their palm roof construction is as safe for them as it is for their environment.

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